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9th l o s t s o u l ~ [Action]
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[Are you the sort of person who would approach a strange wingless little girl who looks to be in need of assistance? Then you might be unfortunate enough to come across an illusionist.]

[Appearing to be no older than 6 or 7 with her hands over her eyes, at a glance it might almost seem like she's crying. But for those villagers who aren't very powerful, the closer they get to the girl, the more anxious they may start to feel. Should anyone attempt to touch her, her body will feel cold as ice. And every horrible memory and thought will fill the mind of the one who approached her, amplifying all the negative emotions associated with them.]

[Of course, this is assuming you even make it this far before she opens her eyes and tries to steal your soul.]


[And for those who don't want to be affected by an illusionist but still want to see what a "true" illusionist is like, they'll still have the chance. After learning the hard way that killing it only makes it reappear somewhere else, Cheyenne will have captured and blinded the illusionist to keep an eye on it until the experiment ends.]

[Which basically means Cheyenne will be sitting on her usual bridge, holding onto a leash attached to a strange little girl. She's wearing a blindfold too, but seeing as her eyes have been damaged, it's really just for show at this point.]

[And for sake of those who might want to cross the bridge without feeling the illusionist's negative effects, the little girl is instead standing in the water below, occassionally calling out nonsensically at Cheyenne.]

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8th l o s t s o u l ~ [Voice]
I am disappoint.
[Even in tense situations, Cheyenne was generally a very calm person. But the voice coming through the journals right now sounds very strained. There's a small cut on her cheek and a bit of blood on the other. She's trying to keep her voice steady, succeeding for the most part. But oddly enough, it doesn't sound like she's in pain. The way she's breathing and the manner she seems to be holding herself almost gives the impression that she's afraid of something.]

[But this was Cheyenne. That couldn't be it, right?]

I don't suppose... there are any healers in town willing to make house calls?

[[ooc: If your character has anything strange about them that Cheyenne might notice by looking at their soul (since that's the way she sees everything) please take a look over at her Permission Post! Also, don't worry about breaking time-space here. |D]]

7th l o s t s o u l ~ [Voice]
Can you tell how I feel right now?
[The last event left Cheyenne in a weird place and since then, she's been rather scarce around the village. Aside from getting food at one of the village restaurants, she's spent most of her time either in her apartment or in the forests just outside the village. Today, she's actually back to her usual spot: sitting on the edge of one of Luceti's many bridges, looking down at the water.]

[A few hours of this goes by until she finally opens her journal and poses a question to the residents. The very thing that's been on her mind all this time.]

It is not uncommon for others to ask questions using these journals, yes? [A pause. She wasn't really expecting an answer to that.]

...what do you think it means to be a "person"?

6th l o s t s o u l ~ [Voice]
The darkness of the day...
[The video feed is dark. It's very early in the morning and the sun hasn't quite come up yet. The voice on the other end should be familiar to a few, but she should sound uncharacteristically shaken.]

[And you would be too if you suddenly woke up and couldn't see anything.]

I am not sure exactly what has occured, but I seem to have suddenly found myself to be blind.

[A pause.] That is to say, blind in terms of an illusionist. It seems I cannot sense anything anymore.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, as I am uncertain as to what I should do in a situation like this...

[ooc: Cheyenne has been turned into a flame eleman! She's essentially a human with the ability to create fire at will. And with exception to her usual lack of emotions, all of her illusionist abilities and powers are gone.]

5th l o s t s o u l ~ [Action]
Staring straight back at you.
[It was Sunday today. That meant today was the day Cheyenne had to do something she hated doing more than anything else in Luceti.]

[Grocery shopping.]

[She can be found walking around inside the grocery store, holding an empty bag at her side. Every so often she picks something up, frowns at it, and then puts it back. Occassionally she might shake something, maybe even peek under her blindfold in the hopes of getting a better look at it, but so far that bag looks pretty empty. She'll keep this up for about an hour until she's filled the bag, most of it either produce or something microwavable, and then make her way back to CH 6 to drop her things off. Unfortunately, all the snow from the day before was still covering most of the paths, so she'll probably trip once or twice on her way there.]

[That out of the way, Cheyenne moves on to how she usually spends her day: finding various places to relax and perhaps listen to the spirits passing by throughout the village. More often than not, that place is a bridge; the running water of the river underneath is one of the few things she's always able to see, after all. It's much more comforting than the stillness of her apartment, even if it is chillier sitting near the water.]

[And in the evening, after a failed cooking attempt that she won't be in the mood to talk about, she heads to Seventh Heaven to get something to eat there. All in all, a rather normal day for this illusionist.] 

4th l o s t s o u l ~ [Voice]
:|, This /is/ my happy face!, How does I emotion?
[The end of the event wasn't so much a relief for Cheyenne as it was the single most confusing thing to ever happen to her. Never mind that she had been so much younger. Never mind that for two weeks, the hunger was gone. Never mind that she saw colors and shapes and people and her friends and herself in the same way others have always seen. The main thing on her mind was how she had acted.]

[So many of her previous actions just... didn't make sense. Considering a child acts mostly based on their emotions, this shouldn't have been a surprise. Even though she had those emotions, and she can somewhat remember how they felt, she still doesn't know what they mean. Why was she in pain when she wasn't physically hurt? Why was she laughing? Why did seeing others smile make her feel so happy?]

[Eventually, she just gives up trying to make sense of it. Her emotions right now were hard enough without trying to sort out those of a child!]

My apologies for not addressing this sooner, but I would like to extend my graditude to those who took care of me when I was not myself during the last experiment.

I suppose these experiments are the sort of things one must become accustomed to while living in this village. This was the first one to have affected me in such a manner. However, if a similar extreme change should happen again, I do not believe I would mind. It was rather interesting, after all, being able to see the village through new eyes.

[A pause.]

Although, perhaps for the sake of those who were far less fortunate, it would be best to hope that such an experiment does not make a reappearance.

3rd l o s t s o u l ~ [Action]
I am disappoint.
[Cheyenne is lost. The whole village still looks weird and there are things all over the ground in the most inconvenient places. And although she feels quite indifferent about her costume for the most part, those high-heels have done nothing but gotten in her way with every step she takes. Literally, as a matter of fact. She was just on her way out when she stumbled on her feet, tripped on a pumpkin, and slammed into a wall. No real harm done, save for her bruised pride. Unfortunately, this habit of tripping is beginning to become more than just an occasional blunder: she's tripped at least 12 times since leaving her apartment.]

[As it stands now, she was just on her way back to community house 6 when, after spending more time watching the ground than counting the buildings as she walked by, she found herself in a section of town she couldn't immediately recognize. She even took a chance and peeked her eyes over the edge of her new red blindfold to see if she could more readily recognize the area. But really, without a point of reference, it was no use.]

[She soon gives up and decides to sit on the edge of one of the small bridges around town, dangling her feet over the edge just above the river and probably wishing she could just kick those awful shoes right into the water.]

[[ooc: If you haven't already done so, please check out Cheyenne's Permission Post! And as an extra side note, for the most part, she isn't going to be able to see anyone's costume. Unless it's something that completely changes their basic shape. And even then, she might assume that's how they look normally.]]

2nd l o s t s o u l ~ [Voice]
Innocent until proven guilty.
Greetings, residents of Luceti. I am called Cheyenne, and there is something I wish to ask of you all.

By tomorrow, it will have been a month since my arrival in Luceti. I have, for the most part, remained unseen. I would have continued such a manner of living for the benefit of others here, but circumstances make such a lifestyle impossible for a creature such as myself. I am what is called an Illusionist. My kind is considered a monster in my world, due to what we must do to survive.

That is to say, illusionists feed on the souls of other living creatures.

To follow that, I feel I must add that the term "soul" may be different in my world as it is to your own. Illusionists see the soul in four parts, one of which naturally fluxuates throughout the day. Feeding on this section, Power, does little more than tire a creature in the same way that running a mile would tire a creature... no, not even to that extent. The process is truly harmless. You see, I am unique in terms of illusionists. My sisters feel no remorse in draining the souls of innocent creatures. I, however, do not wish to do so against the wishes of a creature who would feel uncomfortable in such a situation. Nor do I wish to bring harm to those residing in the village.

And so, I am here asking if there is anyone in Luceti who would be willing to allow me to feed off of them.

Ideally, I would only be required to feed on a particular person one time every few weeks. I only need to feed once or twice a week to contain my hunger. If I were in a desperate state, once a month would be enough to keep me sane. Although that is, by far, not a very ideal situation for myself...

Should anyone be so willing as to aid me, I would like a chance to meet with you sometime soon so that I may be sure it would be safe to feed from you. As the Power of a soul relates directly a creature's own stamina, those who are prone to frequent illness or weakness would be best to refrain from offering. And, if you are so willing, I will also show the process by which I feed so you know what to expect in the future.

I thank you for listening to all I have to say. Should you have any comments or concerns to ask about, I am willing to answer them here.


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1st l o s t s o u l ~ [Action/Voice]
:|, This /is/ my happy face!, How does I emotion?
[There's a rather strange new feather walking around town right now. For one, she seems to have torn off a strip of cloth from around her new-feather dress to blindfold herself, for whatever reason. Despite that, she seems to be getting around just fine...]

[But that's not all! Even if she weren't wearing the blindfold, she's not even trying to watch where she's going. She's too busy leafing through the journal in her hands, occassionally shaking it as though she expects the voices inside to just fall out. And those of you paying attention over the networks have likely noticed that she is holding it upside down as well.]

[In a moment, she stops walking and lets out a very small sigh before stating the obvious to whomever is listening.]
I am no longer in the Stendrion Desert, am I.

[[ooc: If you haven't seen her Permissions post, please please take a look at it! I would really appreciate it! <3]]


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